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Even if you're an ardent subscriber to the separation of church and state, prayer is a part of different government activities in the United States.
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What if we can’t sell Stillwater Business Park? What’s Plan B? And here I question the premise on which its creation was based. It’s not hard to see how we arrived at building a business park as a strategy for economic growth. Redding itself grew from boom/bust origins. Gold Rush, Rail Town, Mining To
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In this long profile in Orange Coast magazine she talks about working at the Redding store, the loss of her dad to a drug overdose, religion, her conservative approach to the family business and much more. Excerpt: While her father...
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Q. What if anything does your religion say about woman’s rights or equal treatment of women? It is reported that Prophet Muhammad said, “Paradise lies at the feet of the Mother.” In Al-Islam the woman has the same rights as her counter-part the male, the difference being only in their physical make-up. Here man was cr
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All last week the weather forecast said snow on Friday but probably not much and by the way it's gonna be cold. Friday it was cold. About 1 PM the snow started to fall - so sparingly at first I thought it was tiny random bits of ash from the chimney. The temperature dropped and the snow con
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Q. What does your faith group think about members celebrating other religions’ holidays? We do it in our own meetings. We don’t ask about a participant’s religious affiliation(s); we simply practice meditation, mindfulness, ethical behavior, and study together. But we do have members who self-identify as Buddhists of
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More of us are religiously unaffiliated because we don't need the trappings of organized religion to have a relationship with God.
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Q. In your religion, do people have different responsibilities for different age phases of life? Are people treated differently at different ages? Every person at Pilgrim Church and every person in the United Church of Christ is honored equitably one to another. The inherent dignity of a person does not change as he or she
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Standing on Sacred Ground shares eight stories of indigenous communities around the world protecting their traditional sacred lands from government megaprojects, consumer culture, resource extraction, competing religions, tourists, and climate change. It was produced by the Sacred Land Film Project, sacredland.org
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Karin and I concur on most major marital and philosophical issues: politics, personal finances, religion, family-size, professional sports, and sex. We agreed on “twice the norm,” “non-doctrinal,” “don’t keep track,” “left-leaning”, “none,” and “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Ten points if you matched
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Q. When does religion transcend nationalism? Should patriotism be part of religion? Both nationalism and patriotism are of the temporary worlds of spiritual training for each soul, and as such Eckists will consider these two essentials of any community as part of their training. Though their spiritual viewpoint is at the so
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Voices of Faith: Does your religion believe in conversion? Does it encourage proselytizing?
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Q. What is the difference between religion and spirituality? A religion must have some kind of spirituality; for without spirit what would be the point of religion? Spirituality, on the other hand, can be tried without religion -- but not profitably, in my opinion. People do not get very far on a spiritual path without the
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In our multi-religious society the most desirable thing, to make our blessed country safe and strong, is to respect all religions and unite.
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Q. What is your understanding of the separation of church and state? The separation of church and state is one of the most important principles set out by the Constitution and upheld time and again by the courts. The separation clause protects Americans from being force-fed a particular sect or religion by the government, a
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Question: What is the appropriate role of religion in American political life, if any? Bahá’í teachings have a moral, spiritual and ethical character. There is an expression, “Piety ends where politics begins.” Thus we have no choice but to lay politics aside so that we may be able to safeguard our piety. I quote a
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What did we learn on Monday from the actions of Damon? Certainly a lot; alas the article written was written in such a hurry that it seemed somewhat incoherent to me, so I have chosen to follow it up as promised.   I was not there to witness everything. What I write about is my interpretation al
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George Washington said, “Religion and morality are essential pillars of civil society.” John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
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A Redding transient is being released from the hospital today after he was stabbed by a man who called him "evil" during a discussion of religion, authorities say.
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Logical Disbelief: It can be a very convenientand seemingly-safe rock to crawl under.The FAMILY LAW/CPS INDUSTRIALISTS do "it" to even our most vulnerable Protective Parents and Children every day - and many of our fellow Citizens complain t
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As Pope Benedict XVI retires, Catholicism is at a crossroads. It is a deeply polarized religion. Its values and culture predate capitalism. Today, many Catholic Americans are globalized and often torn between a spiritual vision of the world and their acceptance of secularized society. Nevertheless in both First and Third Wo
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I read with interest “Benedict’s Legacy” by Rachel Zoll, AP’s religion editor, in Tuesday’s paper. However, it didn’t take long before I began to notice the absolute anti-Catholic bias that usually permeates most secular “religious” articles.
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Fisher of Men Luke 5:1-11 5th Sunday Ordinary Timer (Year C) In today's Gospel reading, Christ comes upon several men, Sts. Peter, James, and John who, the Gospel says, had been fishing all through the
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Every American court that has ruled on the issue of compulsory A.A. attendance has ruled that A.A. is a religion, or engages in "religious activities, as defined by constitutional law," including the Federal District Court for Southern New York, the Federal 2nd Circuit Court of Appeeals, the New York and Tennesse state Supr
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Baptism and Grace Ti 2:11-14, 3:4-7 Lk 3:15-16, 21-22 Did anyone here make a New Year's resolution? Has anyone broken it yet? When we make resolutions, we are acknowledging that there is something in our lives that we feel needs to change, and are also stating our decision to
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Dani Acosta “The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways–I to die and you to live. Which is the better, only God knows.” Those are the final words ever spoken by the famous Socrates after having been sentenced to death by poison. In 339 B.C., Socrates was accused of corruption of the youth and
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Does your religion’s sacred text address recycling in any form?
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Q. How and for what in your religion or faith tradition are you told to give thanks? Christians are to give thanks for many things. A most comforting promise Christ gives his followers that we rejoice in is found in Hebrews 13:5b, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” However the two main emphases of thanksgiving wo
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I would like to thank all of the many volunteers who helped with the Stand Up for Freedom of Religion Rally on Oct. 20.
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Voices of Faith — How can people incorporate their religion’s directives/commandments/etc. in their professional lives?
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Q. Does your religion encourage its members to pursue higher education? Are your leaders expected to have university degrees? Normally United Methodist pastors are encouraged to get a secular degree in any field at all, and then to accomplish a Masters degree in divinity. Of course we make exceptions for folk who couldn’t
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Q. What can a person gain by visiting the ceremonies of another religion? Paul addresses this issue in 1 Corinthians 8. We Christians are to bless our brothers regardless of faith affiliation so long as we compromise neither their conscience nor ours. I have attended non-Christian services and have even spoken to some. I am
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Q. Does you religion address coveting? What does “thou shalt not covet” mean to you? “Do not covet,” is the tenth of the Ten Commandments, and context is everything. It is perfectly fine according to the Hebrew wording to admire and even desire what others have if that desire inspires (us) to greater achievement. My
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I never realized how strongly Muslims feel about their religion and their prophet until the recent events in the Middle East occurred.
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RED BLUFF — A Satanist set a Methodist Church on fire Thursday morning to protest organized religion, police say.
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RED BLUFF -- A self-proclaimed Satanist set a Methodist church on fire this morning as a statement against organized religion, police say.
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Earlier this year, a story about the spread of Good News Clubs in Shasta County schools, part of a drive by the Child Evangelism Fellowship, provoked a robust discussion and the mixing of religion and schools. (Our contribution is here.)...
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Q. Does your faith tradition encourage collaboration and acceptance of other faiths? Yes, Muslims are encouraged to reach out to other beliefs, work for the good in the society regardless of race or religion. In the Qur’an, Muslims are commanded by G’d to strive as those in a race towards all that is good; so that tells
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Your Saturday editions dedicating a half page to "Religion" are very interesting and give a good insight to various religious denominations. My question to you: Why do you keep publishing Shasta Atheists and Free Thinkers Shasta Lake, with their non-religious beliefs, under "Religion" in your paper?
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Voices of Faith — July 7, 2012: Does your religion have sacred places? Where are they and what is their significance?
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Voices of Faith — What do you think youths want from religion?
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A beauty queen. Sex. Religion. Kidnapping. Tabloid journalism. Dogs and cloning. One of the strangest and most entertaining documentaries I've seen recently....
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Beth Grossman is inspired by stories of humanity, history and interpretation of religion. “The challenges we face on our planet will always keep me busy,” says Grossman.
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Voices of Faith: Many people seem to have a simple “generic” religion. What can one do to raise their level of commitment to a particular faith tradition?
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Voices of Faith — What should parents do — if anything — if their children don’t share their religious beliefs or wish to follow their religion?
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Half of all Europeans, for example, have never attended a religious service. So reports Joel Kotkin in a thought-provoking essay about how religion -- and its decline, in some places -- shapes our society and our economy. (UPDATE: Link fixed....
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Regarding the use of public schools for Bible classes, many public buildings are used for events, gatherings and promotions that I may not endorse, and I usually wouldn't have a problem with that. But I am not a child.
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Jenny Abbe Moyer, Redding
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