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by Ryan Loughrey The last week of school brings about the –ings: cramming for finals, planning for the summer, and tanning to get rid of the pale whiteness that had come with winter.   However, there also occurred an event that, it could be argued, is even more important than ha
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Sitting Down with Local Author, Al Cunha  BY MARISSA ANDERSON I’ll bet when you’ve bought books from Barnes and Noble you never realized that you might have been talking with an actual author at the cash register
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The 11th annual Intercultural night was characterized by energetic dancing, delicious food, exuberant students, and perhaps most of all, strangers smiling at strangers.  It was an event where truly no matter who you are, as defined by age, gender, sexual orientation, and most importantly, cultural iden
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by Ryan Loughrey   On April 22nd, 2014, students gathered at the Shasta College Quad, and indeed, on campuses around the world, to celebrate the 44th annual Earth Day and to reaffirm their pledge to honor and respect the world we live on.   Th
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By Jenny Brewer   Graduation is a feat. A hard earned moment when it finally all seems worthwhile. Suddenly the stress of the first milestone has passed and the moment of celebration is present!   On the evening of May 23, at 7pm The Shasta College Memorial Stadium
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 By Jenny Brewer   Poetry is capable of starting the fire in a person’s life, it can change the way we view ourselves or even life around us. The casual poetry reader can easily pick up any poem and be immersed in feelings of awe, inspiration, joy, dread, and sorrow. Well, Ap
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by Derek Yorton           Robert Soffian is an inspired modern artist, a director of multiple plays and acts of theatre, but more importantly he was the main driving force for the Shasta College Theatre Department. Soffian moved from the east coast and
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  In order to pay homage to Cesar Chavez, perhaps the most well-known Latino American social activist, a group of students organized by Heather Wylie participated in a “Day of Service.” Students and faculty members congregated at Whiskeytown Recreation Area on a foreboding Saturday morning, to work
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Overview/ Review Shasta’s spring play, “You Can’t Take it With You”, directed by Ken Hill, set a goal of making their closing night their best performance yet and it certainly went off with a BANG (in more ways than one). The play’s plot centers around a recently engaged couple, played by R
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Just in time before the rain, “Cirque de Fue” was a hit. Saturday night, hordes of community members flocked to Caldwell Park to see the unique talents and perhaps less traditional gifts such as belly dancing, acrobatics, and fire breathing. Vendors encircled the roped off area, selling such items as melte
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by Jenny Brewer The time to place your vote has come to Shasta College! On April 29th, and 30th, Shasta College students will be able to place their ballot for student senate. The Informational Booth in the cafeteria will be designated for votes; as well as polling sites available at e
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Photo Credit: Emily Warren   Story by Jenny Brewer.   Let me introduce you to a very valuable resource for the Shasta College student: The library. You could call me a regular at the Shasta College library. The computer lab is where this very ar
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by Shannon Koga March 13th, Shasta College students went about their day normally, slapping vending machines, powering through note-taking, and rushing to their classes. But in the quad, an impenetrable bubble formed, locking all who dared to enter in a time-travelling vortex straight to
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by Ryan Loughrey   “Any dream you have is not meaningless”- advice from Colleen McShay. Colleen McShay is one of many local artists who submitted and won accolades from the Sixth Annual Sundial Film Festival. Her film, revolving around the character Alice and
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by Shannon Koga Shasta College has a multitude of Student Success Workshops, all focusing on the most basic computer skills to tips and tricks to improving both your academic and personal lives. One such workshop is the Stress Reduction workshop, run by communications professor Crystal Hilton. Th
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By Jenny Brewer photo from http://www.dailytech.com/Typing+Secret+Word+Will+Kill+Almost+Any+App+in+Apples+OS+X+Mountain+Lion/article29819.htm The buzz around campus is all about the recent mountain lion sightings. Imagine being in class and receiving a text message, and not just any text. One tha
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by Jenny Brewer On February 25, a speaker by the name of Dr. Mukesh Kapila spoke at Shasta College.  I heard about the event through my History of Mexican Americans professor, Chris Rodriguez. It was said to be about the genocide in Darfur. I literally had no idea where Darfur was, but I did k
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By Shannon Koga If you’ve ever had a smartphone, there’s a good chance you’ve been addicted to some app, game, or website. Don’t panic. Everyone can get addicted to something, and in today’s age, that something is a mindless (possibly endless) game involving a flying cartoon bird.
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by Ryan Loughrey Imagine growing up nearly deaf, unable to understand your parents or your friends. For artist Pilar Celene Low, this was a reality. Her art is currently on display in the Art Building, (the 300 building), and will be for only one more week. Recently, she ca
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by Jenny Brewer The 2013 leak of National Security Administration data by 29 year old Edward Snowden sparked a revolutionary debate to end mass surveillance by the US government. The documents leaked to certain media outlets revealed bulk collection of data gathered by the NSA from Americans wit
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by Ryan Loughrey Although sometimes it can be a nuisance, whatwith getting our hair wet or making us wear umbrellas, the rain is much needed. These photos were taken less than two weeks ago, showing Shasta lake with water levels the lowest they have been in over a decade. The most visible is Tunn
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By Shannon Koga and Maytal Espino Mention the words “Valentine’s Day” to anyone, and you’re bound to hear the same responses. It’s either the most romantic day of the year or the most depressing. Couples drift about with roses and chocolates, holding hands and taking in the nig
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photo from shastacollege.edu By Matt Brockman It’s a well-known fact that us as Americans love sports; we thrive on the competition, and competition is what motivates us to be better than what we were before. I
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By: Matt Brockman As the Lady Knights left the locker room, the sound of clapping filled the air. The mood felt good and the vibe was positive. It seemed as if the Lady Knights had nothing to fear and not a care in the world. A few more wins and they would clinch a payoff spot. The Lady Knights are
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    It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: The Christmas Fair on the College Farm By Elizabeth Henry       Two Friday’s ago, it snowed in Redding—and it snowed a lot. It was a Christmas miracle! And it cou
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Effective ways of Studying   It’s winding down to the end of the semester and last minute studying will be spreading like wild fire. Instead of doing the same routine and coming up short, here are some tips your fellow peers use when they study:   “I like to go
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Written by Dominic Mallari Teacher Feature: Kevin Fox (503) 453-6949   Although neither of his parents had degrees, Mr. Fox’s family really valued education. Even at a young age, he understood the importance of going to school and doing well in his classes.
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By:Maytal Espino “Dr. Fard you’re throwing chocolate at me, but I don’t think its sincere, I think you just want to throw chocolate at my face.” -A
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“Are College Relationships Built to Last?”       by Shannon Koga           Y
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You may have seen Kathryn Gessner teaching English here at Shasta College, where she teaches College Composition (ENGL 1A), Literature & Composition (ENGL 1B), Poetry (ENGL 16), and Creative Writing (ENGL 31), or maybe pictured with her favorite books on posters around campus. Wherever she’s seen, Ms. Gessner is
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LUNA presents: Dia de los Muertos     Latinas Unidos Networking Alliance put together an amazing little event on Halloween at Shasta College outside of the 800 building. There’s even a display set in the window of the building, honoring lost loved ones.   Fo
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  It’s that time of year again to celebrate what was once a day to ward off evil but is now a fun filled day with monsters, pumpkins, and so much candy! Yes, Halloween was last week but what a huge success it was at the school! People dressed in costume, danced to thriller and Time Warp as the studen
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Seoul is a living being. No longer to me is it just a name on a map, but it is a bustling, vibrant, and breathing being. It survives without sleep, with people who go to work all day, diligent and dedicated, and then there are those who are equally dedicated to taking advantage of the pulsing nightlife. &nb
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Nanowrimo wha…? Happy November Shasta! We have all heard of the famous “No-Shave-November,” but how many of you have heard of the “National Novel Writing Month”? Well, Nanowrimo (the abbreviation of National Novel Writing Month) comes once a year and here once again for the month of November. Thou
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            In the game proceeding Shasta’s homecoming game scheduled for Saturday October 26th, the Knights bring everything they’ve got in their match against the Los Medanos Mustangs last Saturday evening on October 19th 2013. S
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Known for his robust build and boisterous personality, Dr. John Whitmer brilliantly teaches United States History (HIST 17A and HIST 17B), and Introduction to American Government (POLS 2) here at Shasta College. He was born in Riverside, Ca
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Halloween is coming up, a sweet and scary holiday savored by children and adults alike. On October 31, another holiday known as El Día de Los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead, will also be celebrated on campus ou
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  Written by Dominic Mallari Since 1999, Dr. Elizabeth Waterbury has been competently directing the choral activities here at Shasta College. As stated in the Choral and Vocal Activities section of Shasta College’s website, “The choral ensembles of the Music Department offer a wide range
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Spotlight on Veterans By Shannon Koga     The Veteran’s Club at Shasta College provides an honorable and charitable service to its students. We interviewed one of its contributing members. Ernesto Jose Perez Jr.   Ernesto Perez Jr. served in the N
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Shasta College Theatre Presents: Romeo and Juliet Written by Dominic Mallari Nearly everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy has withsto
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By Ryan Loughrey These past few weeks have been an incredible blur. The sights and sounds and culture of Korea invite themselves into your senses and you slowly fall in love with them. My second class starts tomorrow, and I can only
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Goldie is a Guide who was raised by Shasta College ADN Nursing Instructor Charles Doherty and his wife Marla. Goldie often accompanied Doherty to work at the Health Sciences Building downtown, learning basic etiquette of being a wo
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Picture provided by: Peter Griggs By Shannon Koga   Harvest Fest is a great success. When first walking into the barn, it’s like being swallowed up into a perpetual sea of twinklin
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By Shannon Koga   Harry Potter: teaches hope, strength, overcoming impossible odds.   When thinking of the banned books of America, one doesn’t usually associate something as in
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Photo Credit: Ryan Loughrey The Korea Diaries: Part 1 By Ryan Loughrey The Part Where I am Still in America   This Is My Story and the Destination is South Korea !!!!!  
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  By Elizabeth Henry Photo Credit: Elizabeth Henry It’s the beginning of a new semester and, for some, a completely new experience as a college student. Whether a new or returning student, we
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By Elizabeth Henry     Photo Credit: Elizabeth Henry     This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. When reading statements like that, it can be easy to tune out and think that this subject has little to do with you because often
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By Adam Carlson   Tuesday’s Redding City Council meeting was itinerant – bringing together many concerned citizens to work through many issues. But one problem stood out: the problem of making Victor Avenue
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