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Anderson Orb

I have just recently taken up residence in a small town in Northern California by the name of Anderson! I used to write about Redding Life and now I am launching a new Blog "Anderson Orb"! "Anderson Life" was already taken!! :)

URI: http://andersonorb.blogspot.com/

I know I am about to loose some "Friends" overall with this next statement, I am sorry if you are Offended, Outraged or Otherwise Affected by this "Coming Out"...I am a Medical Marijuana Patient! YES, I am OUT of that Closet! I have a Debilitating, YES, Debilitating Condition, Arachnoiditis w/ Myoclonic Dystonia, a l
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What a beautiful turnout for the united efforts of the Anderson & Way Team effort to bring a great Easter Egg Hunt and FREE BBQ too to Anderson!!  Wow, it was really great!  From what I could see, getting ther
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That would be the Shasta Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center! 11th ANNUAL RUN 4 THE WILD FUND RAISER - 2011 They are located just on the backside (?sorta) of Anderson River Park and this Saturday, April 2, starting at 10 a.m., they are having their Annual "Open House & Baby Shower"! It is FR
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Lorie Lynn Designs: The Burlap Harlot Show
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I have to say it...okay, so, I know she does not use a computer, but I have to say it anyway... maybe it will help someone else? :) I went over to a friends house, she has children, a decent home and a couple
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I went by after the news story the other day and had a looksy at what is going on over there and I have to say, "OMG"!  Wow!  I can tell you that there has been some VERY sincere FUNDRAISING going o
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Wow, my little world has been mighty full of life lately!  So much so, that I barely have had time to stick my head out the door and breathe, much less get a feel for what has been happening around my little town here!  Anderson is Thankfully a quiet place and no uproar is good when MY Planet is taking up s
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Local Woman Touted As A Hero By Witnesses! She was Helli-flighted into S.F. where she has been in critical condition!  She is actually showing signs that she has n
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[brokeneckstudio.blogspot.com] I did make it out and about for awhile to the ArtHop on Saturday.  I am really interested in getting some Art Stirring going on around Anderson too!! For some reason my Brokeneckstudio link has not been working?  S
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I do not usually get too worked up over a sale but I think I have to say this will be much more of an Event than just a "Sale"!  The ladies at Lulafayes Home Decor are the brains and the legs behind this event, but I think it has ballooned way above even their expectations,  here is a current and growing list of s
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First and foremost, I must give major props and massive kudos to my Hunny, he, that spent so many hours and slung so much sweat out in the grueling sun to get the roof repaired and squared away on my "Studio" roof!  Please visit my Art blog [brokeneckstudio.blogspot.com]
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Wedged snugly in between store fronts at 2915 E. Center St. Anderson. There is a nice little district that looks like it recently underwent some really great refurbishing efforts, Viola', I found it!  Well, to be perfectly honest, I had been there before, I just didn't realize it until I went there again
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For quite some time now my Hunny has been working on making desperate repairs to my shed.  It is theoretically supposed to be my "Art Studio" because neither one of us really want me slinging paint around in the house!  Okay, so I don't really sling it, but I will assure you that my art is ANYTHING but neat
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As in Wildlife that is!  I was traipsing through the park again, (I know, HUH!!!), looking for a trail to follow and what do you know I found one!  I seen this small sign that said "Shasta Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation"!  Kewl!  I knew
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I headed on over to the local "Haunted Cemetery", so described by one of the local "pointing fingers" I mentioned in earlier post!  It was not hard to find, just on the other side of the RR tracks across from the City yard on Barney St.  According to a little Googling, it is known as the "Anderson Pioneer Cemetery
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I spent all day running around Anderson, with pointers from several local fingers along the way!  I found myself ditzing through the Anderson River Park again, mostly because the local park is usually a chance to get a look at the local people and get a feel for the local "personality" as well.  As
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I guess I have to say, I think that the Paesano Days was a roaring success!  From what I saw it was definitely the place to be this last week-end in Anderson!  There was a lot of fun, food and frivolous behavior from everyone!  Some might say it is the Bocce Ball, BUT this is what it is
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Can't wait!! I was out this morning and got a glimpse of all the hard work these people are pouring out to bring this event to our local Park here in Anderson, Ca!  WooHoo!  I have only been to the Anderson River park a few times, but I have to say, it is a really NICE park! Wow, they have so much area, nicely mai
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I have just recently taken up residence in a small town in Northern California by the name of Anderson!  It seems that I cannot find any blogs about, relating to or originating from Anderson, ca. and am here wit launching The "Anderson Orb" Blogspot!  I wanted to change over and make it "Anderson Life" but so
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