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D I V O R C E   C O R P ! It has been said, There are three kinds of people: Many who are part of the Problems;some who are part of the Solutions;and most... who conveniently prefer tojust be a wimpy part of the Landscape.
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Just in time for Christmas….it's: FamLawPoly! No greedy, sociopathic Family Law Industrialist should be without one… 
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How does a trusted bank teller know  the counterfeit from the real thing? How does a good doctor know  the sound of a failing or problematic
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Nelson Mandela knew, what we know… about the FAMILY LAW INDUSTRY Save & SHARE the Dates & LocationsWe are planning on coordina
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The BLIND BULLDOG BLOG: Blind Bulldog Gives Thanks…: THIS IS GREAT - and just in from one of our MIA contributors!!!!  WHO ARE THE  FAMILY LAW INDUSTRIALISTS ?  We Must All Give thanks...
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THIS IS GREAT - and just in from one of our MIA contributors!!!! WHO ARE THE FAMILY LAW INDUSTRIALISTS? We Must All Give Thanks For Divorce Corp:
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World Parental Alienation DayApril 25, 2013
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In Recognizing PARENTAL and JUDICIAL ALIENATION WEEKOur Littlest Blind Bulldog Shares:The title reads, "Why Our Family Law Courts Are
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LOGICAL DISBELIEF... Logical Disbelief, was the thematic idea we shared in our previous post. Remember?While we have happened across lawyers WITH a moral compass,
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Logical Disbelief: It can be a very convenientand seemingly-safe rock to crawl under.The FAMILY LAW/CPS INDUSTRIALISTS do "it" to even our most vulnerable Protective Parents and Children every day - and many of our fellow Citizens complain t
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It's An Unhappy Valentine's Day for Far Too Many ChildrenHarmed by the Family Law/CPS IndustriesThe prime culprits?1.) Parents whom refuse to check the
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The Nuclear Option: Changing the trajectory of the unjustCitizens of California,Anonymous has observed for some time now the trajectory of justicein California with growing concern. We have marked the departure of
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LOCAL CITIZENS GROUP ENCOURAGED BY NO RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RE ASSIGNMENT OF JACK "The Family Ripper" HALPIN!But it's still crime as usual at the Shasta County Family Justice and CPS Law Meat-Grinder,with a GROWING number of un-elected "Assigned Judges"
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"Court-Abused" Shasta County Residents Rally Forcing the State AG to Enforce Constitutional ProtectionsThe JACK HALPIN SCANDAL has gone beyond his disgraceful and sadistic abuses of the small litigants, protective parents and children financially impoverished, emotionally wrought, mentally ha
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Remember, local "media:" we've been crying out to you for YEARS!(See UPDATE below!)BUT YOU SAW THE PUBLISHED, OFFICIAL PROOF HERE, at the Blind Bulldog Blog, FIRST!(And we're still at your service...)
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'Twas the Nightmare of a California Christmas'Twas the nightmare before Christmas, and all through Cal-State,good people were acting to change the Courts’ fate.
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THE  FAMILY LAW NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMASFor many of our fellow citizens, very scary Black-Collar Criminals seem to work well with the White-Collar Crooks of the Cou
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Just the tip...Many readers of this blog include parents, grandparents, harmed and aged-out children of the corrupt Family Law Industry of Shasta County, and many can only find anguish, rage, depression, shame, financial hardships and wishful visions of being with their children again somed
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After a much needed break from a two-year guarding of our community from family court-corruption, we went  into the belly of the Family Law Dragon to study and discover more about the institutionalized greed, laziness, self-protection and insan
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Judge Stephen Jahr has been named the Executive Director of the "AOC", even though he has very little applicable experience.This just goes to show you that Shasta County has a direct line to the statewide court corruption.And, WTF is a "Jack Halpin award" ?http://judicialcouncilwatcher.wordpress.com/
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It has been  ages since real and true justice has operated as it was meant too. The engine that turns the wheels of justice ceased to operate a long time ago, or was it always so corrupt? In any case, as a result of the deterioration, the "naire do wells" and "squeakers by" of the l
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That's right "scum", how else do you describe people that take children and prey on the weak and impoverished ?To date, we have not come across a morally obligated family law attorney in Shasta County, if your out there speak up and help. It is absolutely astounding how these judges, attorneys, mediators, attorn
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[www.courts.ca.gov]According to the above fact sheet, Temporary judges are meant for emergency assignments in the event of illness or other such circumstances, for up to 60 days; not 18 years as in the case of Jack "The Hitman" Hal
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and more specificly, the "Assigned Judges Program"[judicialcouncilwatcher.wordpress.com]
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The California "Administration of the Courts" is a problem for many reasons, first , because it is siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars away from our state's economy. Second, because it is used as a scape goat for our local courts, when we complain about a wrong doing in the local judicial system; we are told to t
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The courts are facing overwhelming cuts , contact your legislators and urge them to vote for AB1208.Building a new courthouse here in Shasta County is frivolous and wasteful, those moneys need to be spent in services for citizens.
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Lets look at what is going on here in the primary, not the secondary where lawyers argue.Govenor Brown announces the possibility of  massive budget cuts including to the AOC. The AOC's Cheif Justice says "Oh my gosh that will hurt so many because we will have to cut services, in the mean time Shasta county i
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Is what a thousands of dads are thinking or saying today; thousands of moms who have had a child or children stolen by thugs in robes and suits.These Dads spend this day crying or looking for a way to ease the pain of the fact that there ex-wife, abusive or not has sole custody of their children and she
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court records:Alan Ernesto Phillips has left a new comment on your post "Court records withheld is not the acception":in response to Chewy7
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but the rule in this corrupt court, as this blog has been proclaiming from the start; this court is corrupt, collusive, secretive and nothing more than a  RICO crime syndicate.There are records kept from advocates that investigate wrong doing by the court in Family Law cases all the time and e
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was forced out, read this post on the "Blind Bulldog Blog" from Attorney and Advocate Barbara Kauffman :Barbara Kauffman has left a new comment on your post "Judge Jack "Hitman" Halpin , Retiring?":Shasta
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Barbara Kauffman has left a new comment on your post "Judge Jack "Hitman" Halpin , Retiring?":Shasta County parents are lucky that they have had such loud advocates for court reform as Lani Kitkowski, Alan Ernesto Phillips
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Though they will never admit that fact. Halpin served at the pleasure of the Presiding Judge, out of the "Assigned Judges Program" for more than 19 years in as blatant misuse of that program, as a "temporary" Judge. Halpin ran the" Meat Grinder" that is Dept. 12 where he destroyed children by placing them with abusers. It i
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Not willingly or of his own accord, rather because this blog, Lani Kitkowski and Alan Ernesto Phillip's and Attorney  tireless work to rid us of this scurge.They are trying to make you believe that he just decided suddenly to stop making easy money hand over fist, for no particular reason. The fact is t
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Here is a link to a petition to disband the California Administration of the Courts, and a link to an article by "judicial council watcher" on why it needs to be done away with.[signon.org]
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You're not finished trying to defend your disgusting and blatant use of the court to destroy your ex-wife, are you ? You know who you are.Or, did your lawyer tell you to stop, this blog is getting to you and it's all you can do to read these comments and  truths that are printed here and not rebut.
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There are so many more examples, here are a few.[youtu.be]<iframe src="[player.vimeo.com]" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullSc
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Or even canceled entirely, this would be fantastic, the Alliance of California Judges is making sense; finally officials within the court are trying to look out for us instead of themselves.There is absolutely no good fiduciary or common sense reason that a new court house should be built here while services like
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Thanks to the Shasta County family Court and the people I wouldn't even call  "ambulance chasers," these attorneys are much more equatable to "child molesters", Lani kitkowski, her daughter and many other Good parents and children are separated from each other.One of the commenter's last week, who we ar
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This comment was just posted today on an older post about J. Reid Mckellar, a once private practice colluder with the "Family Court Crime Syndicate" and now working at the "CFS" where he has access to more children to abduct, check this out:"wow. Not sure why I thought to Google reid mckellar today, but what I r
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Where child custody is concerned.For those of you who have already entered the Meat Grinder, sincere condolences, now fight and  write letters and complaints to:Find the names of AOC leadership here:[www.courts.ca.gov]Administrative Offi
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Because this blogger has no case in court, there goes your "sour grapes" assertion and theory.This a matter of pure right and wrong, what is happening to our children at the hands of crooked attorneys, judges, mediators, court connected therapists etc. in court is wrong and dangerous.These parasites an
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Wow!There has been a fantastic firestorm of commentary on this blog from what must be crony's of the court or the people that have benefited from their criminal behavior.This blog has apparently hit a sore spot and the truth is usually the most painful.Come to the blog and see the perpetrators flail.
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