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Tehama County deputies say a traffic stop in Red Bluff early Sunday morning yielded the arrest of a woman who had outstanding warrants and the vehicle's driver, who allegedly was driving under the influence.
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Redding police say an unidentified man robbed the South Market Street Dutch Bros. Coffee shop at gunpoint Sunday evening.
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Look for pretty nice weather this week, which means highs in the upper 80s to low 90s, the National Weather Service said.
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LOS ANGELES — In pop culture, Casey Kasem was as sweet and dependable as a glass of warm milk and a plate of chocolate chip cookies, which only made the ugliness of his last few years of life seem more bizarre and tragic.
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1914: Mt. Lassen gave three spectacular shows on Sunday, but has not erupted. It sent forth steam, smoke, ashes and mud, but there was no explosion, hence no eruption. Loomis now inclines to the theory of volcanic action.
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News in brief from around the North State.
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Derek Norris and Coco Crisp hit early three-run homers to back a strong start by Jesse Chavez, and the A's beat the Yankees 10-5 on Sunday.
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In the area of discretionary spending the Veterans Administration is the second most costly bureaucracy in our federal government.
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Russia and Ukraine have been conducting negotiations on the crisis in eastern Ukraine and on the supply of Russian natural gas to Ukraine.
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At the Julie and Dennis Matthews’ household, Aviation Day has been a family tradition for as long as they can remember.
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Redding firefighters are at a large grass and structure which has run north, being pushed by wind.
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A fire that broke out Sunday afternoon in Junction City burned down a mobile home and between two and three acres, the California Department of Fire and Forestry reported.
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Redding police today arrested a "Shasta's Most Wanted" suspect observed by an officer riding a bike on the city's east side.
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One person is dead following a car crash in Burney, the California Highway Patrol reported today.
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Redding will experience an extended reprieve from triple-digit highs for the next week. Expect a high of 91 today, with a north wind of about 5 to 7 mph. Monday will be about 87 while Tuesday should be 89. Expect highs in the 90s through Saturday. Overnight lows will be in the 50s thro
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Kelly Smith of Walnut Creek and Matt Ritchie of Martinez are engaged to be married on Oct. 18, 2014, at Skyline United Church of Christ in Oakland. The bride-elect is the daughter of Doug and Colleen Smith of San Jose. Her fiance is the son of Martin and Donna Ritchie of Redding.
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Practical advice transcends the years and still applicable to today.
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Last year 9,809 Shasta County students took part in the free and reduced price meal programs during the school year. Only 670 of them got those lunches during the summer months.
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Judge Rolf Treu's tentative ruling is an immense victory for education reformers who have battled the state's education establishment -- especially the powerful California Teachers Association -- for years over teacher tenure, seniority and dismissal procedures.
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One of President Obama's aides sent a letter to Dianne Feinstein apologizing for not informing Congress ahead of time for the exchange in violation of the law.
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The snow's melting.
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Do you really think people will flock to stay there when there are so many other motel-hotels in the area?
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When a baby meets the legal definition of life and the act of killing the baby meets the legal definition of murder, why would the law be selective in the prosecution?
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Had the dogs been pit bulls, likely there would have been repeated mention of their breed.
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I hope that Shasta County and city of Redding officials are aware of this potential "time-bomb" and any possible travel of crude tankers through the North State.
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It's all the president's fault.
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What is really alarming is that these self-servers are not even the brightest and most knowledgeable.
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It should not be overlooked for one second that Sgt. Bergdahl walked away from his assigned station.
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You'll need to move quickly if you want a chance to get your money back from this "fee."
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This book will make her more money (a $14 million advance has been mentioned), keep her in the limelight, salute President Obama while cleverly praising herself and reveal nothing detrimental to her eventual campaign.
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Creating jobs is central to Texas' economic plan; a strategy that makes perfect sense in light of the fact that, nationwide, most of the people who live in poverty are unemployed.
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What should you do if wild turkey's attack? DFW Agent Carrie Wilson answers readers' questions.
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Redding Duplicate Bridge Club plays to help others.
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Pads, antiperspirant and other quick and cheap remedies can bring relief from summertime woes.
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Jillian Hillman and Otto Tyson Jr., both of Redding, were married on June 7, 2014, at Nelson Farm in Cottonwood. Leroy Tyson officiated. The bride's parents are Robert and Teri Manko of Redding. The bride graduated from Simpson University in January, and will begin the master's program for Counseling this fall at National U
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Sheriff’s fail to track burglary suspect
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ANDERSON — Ten years after he underwent a heart transplant as an infant, Roque Matagulay, 11, celebrated two birthdays Saturday with a trip in a limo to a movie screening at Valley 11 Cinemas.
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From staff reports
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When the harsh side effects of his hepatitis C medication forced Joel Roth to stop treatments last year, the only hope for his ailing liver was Sovaldi, a new wonder drug by Gilead Sciences Inc. that would hit the market later that year.
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The two U.S. counties with the worst income inequality couldn’t be more different. No. 1 is Manhattan. The second is a rural Native American reservation in North Dakota. The two illustrate how widely inequality is spread around the country, and how the issue presents itself in different ways. The far-reac
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A New Jersey-based group of atheists — one of the largest in the nation — is at the nerve center of an escalating media and legal campaign to draw attention to its cause and to lure non-believers “out of the closet.”
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Forecasters say today should be sunny with a high near 91 and north wind at about 8 to 10 mph. The night will cool to about 57 degrees. Expect a slightly warmer day Sunday with a high near 93. Highs will remain in the mid-90s into next week.
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Local sports scores and briefs.
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Drew Hedman, a 2005 Shasta High graduate, is beginning his baseball coaching career as a volunteer assistant and first base coach for Vanderbuilt University. He and the Commodores are heading to the College World Series.
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Independence Day marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Sundial Bridge, the famous glass and steel suspension foot span over the Sacramento River that’s raised Redding’s worldwide profile.
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Deadline nears for input on Mountain Gate
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Voters approved a public safety tax in Anderson by 80 votes, according to official elections results released Friday by the Shasta County Clerk’s Office.
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When Robin Birmingham learned this week that thieves had climbed on the roof of her building, one of seven hit by thieves in the Cobblestone Business Park, and had stolen copper from the air conditioners, she first wondered how they’d done it.
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Police have caught a suspect after a short chase down Highway 273 this evening.
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Shasta High grad Mason Phillips has signed with Sonoma State University to play men's basketball on scholarship. Phillips flourished as a senior in Redding.
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