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Vitriolic Odyssey

An abstracted, journalistic view of a life as lived in Shasta County CA!

URI: http://vitriolicodyssey.blogspot.com/

I have noticed a few local Columnists have been swirling some "Stories" (editorial commentary) about MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Patients shouting, dressing badly and behaving "Out Of Order" at council Meetings... well... I was not there; I did not witness any particular incident! 
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I so lifted this picture from the internet and cannot find where now... I have found that there is a determin
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I have been Combing the Internet trying to find a Real discussion, having to do with the "Actual' Use of Medical Marijuana!  I seem to be able to find a plethora of sites with idiotic bantering of/about "Yeah Man...My Bud Rocks DUDE!", and even the occasional brain picker concerning the neurotransmitter receptors, 
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I recently was overcome with the urge to purchase a chub of "Liverwurst" as I was browsing through the Deli section at my local Mart.  Quickly pounced on by (family) observers, I was besotted with questions (?); What is that? Why would you eat it?  To wit I could only respond, uhm, well, I don't know?
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*Free Community Event*Friday, January 28th 4-8 p.m.City of Redding“2011 Art In The City”Show featuring Local Artists:Lita Coulthart-VillanuevaGerry Blasingame D’Ann Bourne Mike Kelly William Marlow Redding School of the ArtsJim Duckworth Aaron
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It is like a nightmare you cannot wake up from!  My pain NEVER leaves me!  Ever!  24 hours a day, every minute, second, is just a matter of degree!  What level is the pain?  Is it down at the level low enough (2-3) that I can try to preoccupy my mind to cover it?  Or, is it jacked up so high th
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So, I guess this is just the hazard of being at the mercy of regulations that keep me from providing my own plants?  If I could grow my own little measly few (3-4) plants I would not have to "farm out" my medical recommendation to someone else to grow for me, and now of course they would not just be keeping it!  W
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And then we are going to eat your babies, rape your dogs and burrow under your house while you sleep! GTFOH! Really?  I could ROFL just thinking about the people hanging from the rafters, laughing hysterically, eyes flicking wildly as they try to serve our breakfast, ring a sale or stamp our
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Why and how is it that now my "Machine" can demand my attention?  "Clean" is all the letters next to the blinking light proclaim, but in my mind it might as well be saying, "Get off yo lazy azz and clean up something around here, why you always got to let everything go? You need to be paying more attention
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This is paraphrasing the conversation I was earjacking while waiting my turn in line at a local warehouse store recently.  I admit the roar in my ears was a little to cause some loss of the exact wordage, but that is the gist of it none the less!! Also why I have no friends... Well, o
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I have to tell you, I have a real thing for Mitch, he has always reminded me of what my second son probably would look and be like as an adult!  So I have to admit he is my favorite "Daily Buzz" guy!!  I especially love the way he can be so serious when h
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I love the Daily Buzz!  Even though I know it is not local news, I just love their style and delivery!  Beats CNN for entertainment!  Of course your not supposed to be entertained when your watching the news now are you?  Opps, well I guess I am pretty spoiled that way, I am so complacent in my quie
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It was a great trade off! I smoked cigarettes for 30+ years! I started suffering from bouts of chronic joint pain and swelling when I was in my mid to late 20's.  The doctors diagnosed me with early onset Arthritis and slapped me with a barrage of meds which included Steroids, Massiv
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The only reason ANY thing such as MJ, Alcohol or even Tobacco are a "GATEWAY" is because adults lie to children. They should be given the facts truthfully and taught how to make reasonable decisions based on potential consequences instead of just doing what they are told out of fear! Fear is instilled by the adults in their
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I am not sure how this tax law here would REALLY work, but it sure seems that everyone involved is starting to see a big fat cash cow instead of suffering people trying to get their medicine!  I am not talking about the proposals to legal
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I was waiting for someone else to start this conversation, but it sure has been mighty quiet around these parts concerning Medical Marijuana since the Ca. Supreme Court ruling that said cities and counties could not restrict the amount of medicine available to Medical Marijuana patients!  Hello.... What's
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 Just a recap here, because I have "Issues", I do use the motorized carts when I go shopping, although, I now live in fear that I will end up Here!  I was recently privileged to find myself in, yet again, another long line at the local, famously overcrowde
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So I wonder if it is the Pharmacy's Fault?  Should they really keep that much valuable product on the premises?  Also, I wonder if they really had that many people in that community with perscritions that even warrented them having that much product on hand? I have noticed that one of the current favo
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I wanted to applaud, as many did, not understanding it was out of protocol to do so!  Here-Here! To Jess B for asking the Council point blank if any one of them had ever bothered to read the Ca Compassionate Use Act Prop 215!  I would point out that this law passed in 1996, 13 years ago, and this council is
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