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As seen from our friend’s patio overlooking the Sacramento River. Music by Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy for a 2007 live recording at Turtle Bay. Fireworks generously provided every year by the philanthropic McConnell Foundation. Thanks to all involved! Fireworks
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Big fun! Jessica Skropanic featured a couple photos of me and the lovely Karry in Naples in their Sunday Edition. Here’s the link: Below is the actual image I sent her. I thought it funny because we were unwittingl
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Looking forward to the big display tonight in Redding. This waterlily in my backyard struck me as a firework-like display in itself.
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Just a pleasant evening down by the river in Redding with friends Craig and Erin Friedman, and a bunch of relaxed onlookers. Still Married? Why, yes. Yes they are. Still Married from Skip Murphy on
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Her backyard a lovely setting for the festivities and food. A fine time was had by all. Be sure to watch in HD. Summer evening pool parties. That’s Really Redding.
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Love this photo by Tommy Higgins as seen on Facebook. Nice work! Silverthorn Resort posted it. Click to slightly enlarge. The houseboat scene on Lake Shasta is just one of the things that makes our region so sp
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Well actually, suspended from the Sundial Bridge. Here is a brief video taken from my perspective among the large crowd gathered last night to enjoy these amazing performers. Be sure to watch in HD. On the Summer Solstice in 2014, the flying dance troupe Bandaloop performed in the air to live music fr
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Re-post from 2009 in view of today’s 10th anniversary celebrations of our famous bridge. Images below from when it was right for the 5th time. This year, the celebration is much bigger. Yesterday a group of folks gathered at the north end of Redding’s
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It used to be the Mosquito Serenade, but now it’s called the Summer Serenade. A free concert series held in Anderson’s lovely River Park on Wednesdays. Tonight they are having the celtic rock band Tempest again. I ran thi
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These Petunias love Redding weather evidently. All you see here is from only 3 plants!
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Around here, “being PC” doesn’t mean politically correct. It means Palo Cedro style. We were invited to this very PC party last weekend to celebrate a retirement. I captured a few images that offer you some sense of this fine event, and here they are presented as a brief video. It won’t offend anyone around he
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Guest post by local friend and thoughtful writer, Nadine Bailey. It first appeared in Facebook as something of a reaction to an article about our Sundial Bridge
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My friend Craig Padilla posted this performance video of his recent composition, Challenger Deep. Please give it a view/listen. Part of the charm comes from knowing that he created this using a modular synthesizer built by his friend and northwest micro-manufactur
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“Cemeteries are like history books you can read” say Mike Grifantini of the Shasta Historical Society. We attended his walking tour of the Redding Cemetery over the weekend. The m
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Connections. That’s what looking at history provides. Connections to the past. We attended the Shasta Historical Society’s walking tour of Diestelhorst Bridge yesterday. Below, historian Mike Grifantini offer
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Friday, May 30 is Lake Shasta Caverns 50th anniversary, and tours are 50% off all day! The photo below is me and my kids returning from a tour sometime around the 25th Anniversary. Time flies…make some memories.
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Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional kick-off to Summer here in Redding. Here’s a video I did over the weekend with my grandson and his parents in the pool. Just the thing to get you in the mood for another northstate Summer! Swimming. It’s Really Redding.
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The ISS has HD cameras, and offers a live feed. Here is your planet, below. Press play. Wait a bit. If black, it’s probably night for the ISS. If grey or brown, it’s switching cameras. Be patient. Sunrise comes every 45 minutes for our intrepid crew and station, so check back soon. It’s worth it. Toggle “Best
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Here’s a new locavore treat. Salt and Savour make sauerkraut in Dunsmuir. I bought a jar recently. The first application that came to mind was a kraut hotdog. I know I wa
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Captured these images from a meadow off Mt Eddy, about an hour’s drive north of Redding. Very pretty.
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Actually, we celebrate rodeo all week long in Redding with many civic events that culminate in the evening show at the rodeo grounds. Here are a few images I captured at the 2012 event to get you fired up for this year’s spectacle. It’s a unique tradition here.
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Even a mighty Spring downpour couldn’t stop the fun at yesterday’s baby shower for Robby and Abby. Family, food, and fun. It’s Really Redding.
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We spent much of yesterday enjoying a street in Redding with only bikes and people in it. Family Bicycling Day brought to you by Shasta Living Streets. The weather was perfect. Here are a few images. Bikes, old and new
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Re-posting something from last year. You should head over to Parkview today May 4 2014, and enjoy this event! “Come out, play, ride, skate, and dance.
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We met many dancers over the years Erin and Aaron participated in Dancing with the Stars Shasta County Style, a popular and competitive local charity event. One of the gifted and most patient teachers we met is Joe Friedman. An accomplished dancer himself, h
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Trying to help a friend sell this tractor. Looks almost new. 2012 John Deere 3032E Compact Tractor with 305 Loader. 55 hours total. Asking $15,000.
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Chill out for a Sunday evening. Vojtech Matlák is a video artist in Reca Slovakia. Recently he created this mashup of video imagery set to Redding musician Craig Padilla’s Spirit Signs. 8 minutes of introspective meditation awaits: Craig’s instrumental music has always been very visual for me, an
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A unique and classic Redding experience is available to you this weekend. Craft beer and drag racing for Nights of Fire! The
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I captured this image while shooting an upcoming home listing in Ono. “We’re gonna need a faster shutter speed.” Click to enlarge, but not to speed up.
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You may have seen this Mountain Lion image from a friend’s home on Pallisades in Redding. Some have commented that it was photoshopped, but we know it was not. The point being that you need to be careful with your pets and above all – if you have ever seen a big cat react to seeing a child I don’t have to te
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For a while, it looked like our dragstrip might not even open this year. A true Redding institution, the longest continuously operating NHRA dragstrip in the known universe was looking for new management. Luckily, Shirlene Bramson of Bramson Drag Strip stepped up to fill the leadership role. In short order, she and a
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Just a lovely few Spring days here recently. Took some photos around Turtle Bay.
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Cannabis Gelato. Remember, you saw it here first, Redding. Erin said this idea might take off in the U.S. like Starbucks. Maybe so. I’d rather see this comfort food, below. Paella and Sangria enjoye
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Some of you know I recently toured cities of the Mediterranean, accompanied by the lovely Karry. I like photography, so some of you have requested that I post my travel shots. Here are some (okay, 48) Vatican images, in no particular order. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I did capturing them. Click on the image t
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“It’s whatever lane I’m not in.” As seen near Clear Creek. But seriously, if this is your dog, you should keep it out of the road please.
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This part of Valencia Spain is called the City of Arts and Sciences. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. Visiting felt immediately familiar to this Reddingite. Here are a few images I captured a couple weeks ago. Click on any to slightly expand.
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Had a great time at the Craig Padilla concert in Red Bluff last night. Here are a few quick images I captured.
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As seen in a newsstand in McCloud California. News of a rare public performance. Thanks to Jon Lewis for the journalistic heads-up in After Five. Craig Padilla will be playing in Red Bluff tonight.
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Somber to learn that guitarist Bob Casales of Devo has made the transition to his next performance. Condolences to family, fans, and band mates evolved and de-evolved. In memorial, I’m re-running this post that I also re-ran last year when drummer Alan Meyers passed. It puts focus on people of my general age. More b
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We’re finally seeing a bit of winter here in Redding. I captured this image of Mt Shasta during a brief break in the recent storm. Hopefully there is even more snow on her now. This drought year promises to be a challen
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Columnist/Blogger Marc Beauchamp posted this interesting image of his maternal grandmother Mabel Frisbie and her bike in Redding circa 1910 in anticipation of a presentation about local bicycling.
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Tomorrow is your last chance to catch this art exhibit at Old City Hall in Redding. Nice HD video work.
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McCloud California is about an hour’s drive north of Redding. Here’s The McCloud River Mercantile Hotel and the White Mountain Cafe yesterday.
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Lassen with at least SOME snow, seen today from a familiar perspective for anyone heading out on Hwy 44. Click to slightly enlarge. And then, looking back at lovely Redding California from the ridge. We live in a beautifu
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This unseasonable Spring started last December, apparently. The lovely Karry put some peas in the garden, and here they are coming into production, well before the end of January. So crisp in stir fry!
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Wow, this is local theater tour de force. Take two of Redding’s most experienced actors and put them in a play that is little more than constant tightly written dialog. The play takes place on a BART train in the wee hours of a mo
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This is one of the newer restaurants in town. It was built in a former Chevy’s location on Hilltop. And much like Chevy’s, it serves a sort of Cali-Mexi food fusion. There’s a big banner to remind everyone they won a popularity contest at the newspaper. Redding is an unusually tough town for goo
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Saw this tree trimmer mirroring the Sundial Bridge in Redding today. One less tree to water in a drought year, I suppose. Actually this kind of pine tree, when they get that tall, are at random risk of falling over at inconvenient moments. Like when you’re under them. A safety issue too near Highway
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Author Carl Sagan described a “demon haunted world,” where fear drives people to make foolish and unscientific choices. As for me, I am old enough to have met an actual child stricken with Polio. Yesterday, when I took my mom to the doctor’s offi
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Free admission to nearby awesome Whiskeytown Lake today, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. And the weather looks perfect for just about any activity. Whiskey
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