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An Unattended School Of Thought

URI: http://philbertosophy.wordpress.com

Today I saw Styx guitarist, Tommy Shaw, on the television. Wailing a wicked solo on Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)? Heck no! As a guest judge on Cupcake Wars! Why was I watching Cup Cake Wars? Never mind that, I may of been watching, but at least I wasn’t freakin’ on it. But Tommy Shaw […]
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OK, this gag (literally) was stolen from an episode of The Firesign Theatre’s “Dear Friends” radio program wherein a Dial-A-Joke hotline was utilized… I’m guessing Phil Proctor unearthed the joke but, who knows? Anyway, it struck me funny (ow!) and I had to commit it to pixels.Filed under: Thoughts & Musings T
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One of the artists big with us kids back in the 60s was the infamous Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. His “monsters” and Kar Kulture designs were taped all over my bedroom in those days. I spent many an hour devising my own “monsters” while blasting KRLA Top-40 on the ol’ jukebox in my room. Filed […]
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OK, ready? The first image is a PENCIL… the second image is a VEIN… so, Pencil + Vein + Jah = Pencil-vein-jah. It’s where Philadorphia is… you know, the home of Jeezcakes and the Doomstown Stealers… come on, throw me a bone here…Filed under: Thoughts & Musings
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She makes it so easy. This is for all my friends in and around the City of Shasta Lake… Filed under: Thoughts & Musings
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Philbert’s Note: In an effort to keep Philbertosophy readers from being bored to tears, we’re instituting a “Guest Blogger” feature. First up is the infamous Uncle E, music blogger extroidinaire. Herein is his offering citing some of his fav0rite tunes. You can visit his blog by clicking the link on the right (under
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Filed under: Thoughts & Musings Tagged: Ben Edlund, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Frito Bandito, Fritos, Kar Kulture, Mel Blanc, Murph, Murph The Surf, Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Tex Avery, The Tick
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Click da Dodger Bum (a la the great Willard Mullin) for a larger view…Filed under: Thoughts & Musings Tagged: Brooklyn Dodgers, Dodgers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Magic Johnson, Willard Mullin
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Allen Ginsberg before he was famous and before he was dead, was a poet. Or at least he said he was, which is pretty much all you have to do to become one – I guess it worked out all right. I currently live a few blocks from where he is said to have written […]
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Yep, Pete, we’ll get through this together.Filed under: Thoughts & Musings
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Let’s play a little iPod Roulette… Spin the wheel and up pops… Mother-In-Law by Ernie K-Doe: Wow, The Laws Of Chance dug pretty deep in the ol’ archives for this classic! I think this is on a Billboard compilation of #1 Hits (1961)… or at least that’s what it says on the little glowing s
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Many people harbor irrational and seemingly arbitrary prejudices and dislikes. You know, pet peeves like hairless cats or people who pick their teeth in public. I, however, have a blinding hatred for one thing in particular. I cannot stand the music of the late Jim Croce. I realize that “hating” a deceased 1970
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Can you guess the solution to the PictoGram Puzzler?  Filed under: Thoughts & Musings
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Well, it’s still strange to sit down and try to come up with a cartoon idea without trying to tailor it for Pete’s usage. I didn’t really realize what a big part of my creative life he had become. Sigh. At least I’ve got a box full of ideas and sketches I can go through, [...]
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©2012, Hal O’Dali Filed under: Thoughts & Musings
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Here I am, back in the Blogosphere! Yeah, sitting perched high above the F Line with The Little Brown Dog. It’s been awhile, an unforced hiatus if you will, but I’m anxious to start spewing flotsam and jetsam on the most trivial of matters, like what’s currently on rotation on my iPod™ …. WRECKING
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Yes! It’s true! We’re gravitating away from Facebook a bit and firing up the ol’ Blogaroo again. I miss pontificating on matters great and small, blathering inanaties and basically taking up a little CyberSpace with silly doodles and kooky haikus… or Haikookies, as we like to say. At any rate, I hope
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I drew this last week as a "get well: card for Pete, little knowing that he wouldn't.
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Just when we needed it most, Radio Free Oz comes out of its decades-long hiatus on this new-fangled webernet thingy. Yes, the original Wiz, Peter Bergman, and co-host (and Firesign Theatre cohort), David Ossman are back! If you haven’t heard it, well, go ahead and check it out. Podcasts are free on iTunes as well. [..
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Wow! In Redding!!! PHIL AUSTIN! PETER BERGMAN! DAVID OSSMAN, PHILIP PROCTOR! The one and only, the LEGENDARY Firesign Theatre! Tickets are only $35 each and seating is general admission… but there are no bad seats at The Cascade, and if you’re within earshot… you’ll laugh… a lot! The guys usual
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This would have been my presentation in the 20×20 Pecha Kucha Redding event April 16th. That’s 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide, each with my brilliant running commentary. I got the bit in late so the organizers didn’t get a chance to see it until the day before the event. Well, they didn’t deserve
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Here’s my latest cartoon, as seen (much smaller) on A News Cafe Dot Com… and, below my latest masterpiece (I colored inside the lines, didn’t I?) is a snapshot taken by (I think) Larry Harris at Pecha Kucha Night Redding this past Friday wherein I blathered on for 6.67 minutes about the trials and travai
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I’ve had brushes with capital “J” Journalism, I worked at a newspaper for Christ’s sake. But, I wasn’t a “journalist.” I was never accepted into The Fraternity Of News Professionals. Mainly because I never sat through the requisite hours at some state university listening to old p
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I don’t really have much use for poetry I like the way words look on my computer screen I like to arrange the letters in patterns I like to think that somehow    their Randomness gives them meaning But that cavalier attitude flies in the face of the measured discipline that poets claim makes Their Words [...]
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I’m working on a series of prints documenting the work of Leonard Cohen. If you’d like to order a nice 9×12, signed and numbered print, let me know. Filed under: Thoughts & Musings Tagged: Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen prints, Phil Fountain, Philbert, prints, Suzanne
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It’s Just This Little Chromium Switch Here Tom Gedwillo and I have made available the second issue of “Chromium Switch,” a webzine dedicated to the legendary comedy troupe, The Firesign Theatre. This issue includes tour news, updates on The 4 or 5 Crazee Guyz, a full-length e-interview with David Ossman an
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On assignment at Redding City Council 2/2/10 Filed under: Thoughts & Musings
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I did this quick take on Andre Dawson in honor of his election to Baseball’s Hall of Fame today. The pose is from an old baseball card. I was testing some new tablet settings and these kind of sketches help me get the “feel” back. Posted in Thoughts & Musings Tagged: Andre Dawson, baseball, Cartoon, [.
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I don’t know… nobody I know knows. You might know, but you ain’t talkin. Here’s what  I really want to know… are we calling it: 1. “Twenty-Ten”? 2. “Two-thousand ten”? Or should we go with, “Two Oh One Oh” so that eventually we can say, “Nine-Oh-Two-On
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Some oldie but moldy ‘toons courtesy of The Flying Penguin… I was so much older then… … but, I’m younger than that now… Posted in Thoughts & Musings
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OK, my wife and kids HATED the Christmas card I did. I sent it out to some folks via e-mail without consulting The Familia, and they were horrified by my lack of taste and dearth of Christmas Spiritedness. I thought it spoke from the heart and was wildly amusing. Here is is… See? It has pathos, [...]
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http://mag.chromiumswitch.org/CSMagazine-01.pdf CLICK HERE!!! Posted in Thoughts & Musings
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