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For Three Word Wednesday: It’s Just My HueSo people ask me, they say, “Andy, what did you do it? What’s the point?”I mean, I wish I could tell you I did it for some worthy cause. Maybe pancreatic cancer awareness, or to protest the kidnap and rape
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A story I wrote back in 1998 about a bear study we were lucky enough to go out on: TAKING THE BAITRedding Record Searchlight (CA) - Tuesday, July 14, 1998Author: Thom Gabrukiewicz, Record SearchlightDFG traps, tracks 'eating machines' The study seeks information on how successfu
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The heart is heavy today.  I had to put down Trinity, my 16-year-old border collie. Sixteen years to the day I got her, I've realized.  To celebrate her life, here are a
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For the next 24 hours, my collection of flash fiction, "Troublemaker" is available for download at Amazon for $1.99. Get it before Monday's official release for $1 off list price.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SHERIDAN, Wyo. – Thom Gabrukiewicz’s first collection of flash fiction, Troublemaker,
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are disgust, pout and wad.  A Gross of EnvyHe sat and watched the couple in a mix of outward disgust and regret, through his car windshield and the dust-caked windows of the convenience store. He tur
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Coming soon to an e-reader near you, my first collection of flash fiction. "Troublemaker" should be out this fall:
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Sometimes, the writing bug just hits you. Sometimes, I fail to listen; tonight, this came out. In two hours. Because I sat down and listened.  I'm rusty. Be gentle.  FeederThat first illicit dish? Easy. Mourning dove seared in an iron skillet with bacon drippings, shallots a
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are idle, nagging and pace.  Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE
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For way too long, I've been writing down notes for flash pieces I wanted to write. Today, I decided to flesh on out. It felt wonderful.I hope you enjoy. Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE
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OneWord is a quick-and-dirty writer's prompt that gives you a word - and 60 seconds to write something. It's a great way to jump-start your day. Here's my OneWord for Nov. 29, 2012: 0 0 1 48 277 Community Resource Center 2 1 324 14.0 No
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Love.If you are in it, congratulations. If you're not, keep on looking. Having someone you can count on, someone who you ache to be around - and that you'll actually let see the icky bits about you - is something special. Poets, writers, artists and musicians all have tried to capture what love i
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Yes, friends, Uncle E, because apparently he's got a lot of free time, has started a new Wordpress blog:500 Reasons Why The 80's Didn't Suck. "Let’s for a moment forget about the poofy hair, Reagan and Thatcher and the threat of nuclear annih
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I do like the look on people's faces.My right arm is in a sling, wrapped in layers of Ace bandage, a hard plastic brace and 3M Coban tape. The end result of a two-hour surgical procedure recently to reattach my right bicep muscle to the radius bone, were it belongs.I ruptured the tendon. Completely tore it from the bo
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The OneWord prompt - a website that gives writers a word and 60 seconds to scribble something - is secret. A good word, secret, since we all have them. Life In Real TimeCarrying its weight feels, at times, like I’m drowning. Well, not drownin
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So a song comes on my iPod recently and it transported me to a time where music, for me, was most influential. The song was The Babys, "Back on My Feet Again," which was released in 1979. The lyrics hold some special meaning to me. OK, 1979 is not the 80s. But it was a time when I was experiencing so much in the
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are emotion, falter and touch. TorchWe lead separate lives, you and I.Separate and separated.I see you walk through life, unaware of me, doing the most mundane things and I can’t help but love
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Moon is a fantastic science fiction movie that was released in 2008. It stars Sam Rockwell.Moon, your Video Friday:
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are cut, endanger and hazard.Sins of the FleshSanders was drinking coffee from his I (HEART) Schipperke mug and I knew that shit was going to cost me at least 12 pokes, but then I remembered that it was well after 8 a.m. and the ratio of cheap vodka to coffee was pro
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Dinosaur Jr. have a new album coming out. Here's the first track, "Watch the Corners."(And then an oldie, but a goodie.)Dinosaur Jr., your Video Friday:"Watch the Corners""Start Choppin'"
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are feel, shade and tangle.I’m back, kids. A bit rusty, but back. Play DatesTangles of mouse-colored hair lay across her sleeping face and amid the mess, two hands work kinky strands into a tiny bra
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I am leaving journalism.Probably not for good – it’s what I know and newsrooms are like crack – but I’ve accepted a position in the nonprofit sector.I will be a prevention specialist in Wyoming, working toward awareness and action in suicide prevention, as well as drug, alcohol and tobacco suppress
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This e-mail came in from a friend:“You are not blogging much and you sound massively discontent. I always come back to the old cliché question: What would you do if you didn't have to worry about money? What really makes you happy? Anyway -- I've found that simply seeking an answer usually produces one...
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Jeff Barth is a Minnehaha County Commissioner in Sioux Falls, S.D. He's running as a Democrat to unseat the evil Rep. Kristi Noem (who receives thousands of dollars in farm subsidies) for Congress. Barth's campaign ad is honest and funny. Jeff Barth for Congress, your Video Frid
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I'm not sure what's going on here. It's either a show from Canada or Australia. Once cowboy. Human prey.I'd watch that.Mantracker, your Video Friday:
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Something interesting has happened. Community leaders have been reaching out the past few days to seek out my opinion/input on a situation that has, for better or worse, polarized the small burb where I’ve find myself.I’d be a liar if I said the attention has gone unnoticed. Since I have a solution that
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Canadian rockers Rush are set to release a new studio album in 2012. Yeah, I know, huh? Who is next, Blue Oyster Cult? Bachman Turner Overdrive?In anticipation(?) of the release, your Video Friday is Rush - now and then."Headlong Flight""Subdivisions"
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Bluegrass musician Jalan Crossland lives in Ten Sleep, 62 miles up and over the Big Horn Mountains from Buffalo, Wyo. A great musician you should get to know. Jalan Crossland, your Video Friday:"My Home is on the Big Horn Mountains""Undead Lovers"
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Even though I use a doubled-edge safety razor, and buy my blades online, I would seriously consider joining Dollar Shave Club just because of this ad.Dollar Shave Club, your Video Friday:
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Something I just penned for OneWord, where you get 60 seconds to create. I hope you like it.  BeliefHis beliefs were built on dreams. Long-ago thoughts of love and happiness, dripping with friendships and interesting, fulfilling work. Never did he see real life come creeping.
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I went to bed somewhat hopeful, having had a conversation with a friend and co-worker who was distraught and agitated. It was late, but I invited him over for a beer. We talked a bit. I listened. And told him I was committed. I was here for him – for everyone – until September. The decision has been
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How many of you remember these fine products?
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are downhill, freak and sliver. A nod to Boots, who really jump-started this piece through a text and phone conversation. She kicked my ass, and kicked away the writer’s block.  A Night In with a CanadianIt’s
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It's nearly time for "the big game," or "championship Sunday" (hey, I don't want to get sued).Some people watch for the game.Some watch for the ads, which run about $3.5 million for 30 seconds this year.Some get entertainment out of both - hence all the parties.Some ads are stink bombs. But many are
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In 1978, a movie was made called "Buffalo Rider." It was about a guy who finds a buffalo and decides to tame it.It has fallen into the public domain.Enter The Possum Posse. The Possum Posse is an Austin, Texas  sardonic honky-tonk/bluegrass band. On t
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Yes, kids, this post includes the F-Bomb. If you have sensitive ears, do not watch.But it is funny. I've shared this before. There was an Australian TV show called the Ronnie Johns Half-Hour. In Australia, you're allowed to swear on TV (like in real life).There's an Aussie criminal named Chopper Reid (Eric Bana
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It's the Christmas season, so that means putting up a few Christmas standards.Here's the Pogues, with "Fairytale of New York." It's a great song. It's your Video Friday:
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are flag, might and passive. Stranded With a white veil of silk, she cause his attention, flagged him over. The car in idle, he watched her walk toward him from the rear-view. She smiled at her sway.
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Watch this and then tell me again why anyone would be against gay marriage.The eloquent Zach Wahls, your Video Friday:
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are behave, jettison and mob. Occupy The blond bimbo on the news said it was a mob, but shit I was there, man. There wasn’t a mob. It was an army. Fucking behaved one, too. Line after line of belie
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This is my first submission for Six Sentence Sunday. Nighttime Jitters He’s too lazy to spin the cap back on the bottle of bourbon. Maybe he’s too drunk, but it doesn’t matter anyway, he thinks, since maybe, just maybe, bourbon
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No explanation needed. From SNL, NPR's "Delicious Dish," your Video Friday:
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are hollow, misery and shallow. Not very uplifting, huh? I actually, for the first time in more than 150 attempts, missed a 3WW last week. Too many early deadlines, not enough sleep. Sleepless The steam on the w
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Adrian Belew is an American musician best known for his work with the band King Crimson. He's great. Maybe you haven't heard of him. Maybe you haven't heard his stuff in forever.Please do give him a listen.Adrian Belew, your Video Friday:"Oh Daddy""I'm Down""1967"
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The words over at Three Word Wednesday are drank, hitch and muster. A Fiction in 58. Leaving We drank until the pain began to fade. We didn’t speak. The afternoon turned to dusk; those who could muster the enthusiasm lit a bonfire. We watched flames dance on somber faces. As flames t
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War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.However, on this Veteran's Day, it's good to remember that every person who has put on a uniform and fought, you are in our thoughts today. Here's Edwin Starr, with War, your Video Friday
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