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Donny's iPhone & "Pocket Camera" Photo Blog

Mostly snapshots taken with my iPhone, but I throw in pics taken by other pocket cameras too!

URI: http://donnypauling.wordpress.com

A Great Easter Sunday, originally uploaded by DonnyPauling. Spent the day shooting these…
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Bought this one and another just like it. $100 each. Holy craigslist find, Batman!
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Photo taken by my son, Caden, at Patrick’s Point along the rim trail.
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Mushroom, originally uploaded by DonnyPauling. Along the rim trail, Patrick’s Point, Northern California.
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Pure Joy, originally uploaded by DonnyPauling. Running from waves along Agate Beach at Patrick’s Point in Northern California.
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Just last summer in order to get to the water a person would have to drive all the way down this ramp, then onto a dirt road, then park on top of a dirt hill several hundred yards out from … Continue reading →
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Just last summer it would have been quite a hike down steep stairs that you can’t even see right now, as they’re covered by water in this pic, to get to these rental boats. Now there’s just a ramp to … Continue r
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Bridge Bay is usually the place from which we’d launch the boat each day. The houseboat in this photo is currently sitting above where we often parked. Dry land would reach almost, if not all the way, to that Island.
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Taken at dusk from behind Shasta Dam.
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This bird flew over my head with whatever it is that it’s feeding to baby-bird. I quickly turned the camera on and followed it. If I wasn’t so excited about getting the shot while this beautiful bird’s wings were outstretched, …
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Beautiful mountain, no?
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I can’t remember a time I’ve seen the lake this full. It’s amazing and beautiful.
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I can’t remember a time I’ve seen the lake this full. It’s amazing and beautiful.
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Here ya go:
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I tried to explain to the Mastiffs that because of time change, it REALLY IS our normal wake up time. They’re not buying it:
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I took a drive through the mountains today, along Highway 44 from my hometown of Redding, California up to the mountain town of Susanville, California. Along the way I stopped to photograph a few things… A road crew was clearing trees to straighten part of the windy mountain road… some of their equipment appeale
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The Canon G11 is a compact pocket camera. Set it on a tripod, opened the shutter for 15 seconds, and shot this pic of the Kutras Tract Aggregate Plant, which was used to move gravel on a conveyor belt more than 9 miles to the site of Shasta Dam in Northern California. Shasta Dam, by [...]
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Taken with a Canon G11 – no flash – hand held.
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Taken with a Canon G11 at night with no flash – hand held.
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- testing an email to flickr to twitter thing -,  taken with my iPhone inside Starbucks earlier today.  Didn’t work out like I thought it would, ’cause Twitter was never updated.  Boo.
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iPhone pics… This weekend I’m speaking 4 times at Pocono Community Church in Pocono, Pennsylvania.  The weekend started out this morning with a Porn and Pancakes event, but before hand I looked out from my hotel room to the following scene: The next three services are tomorrow morning, so with most of today rem
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This afternoon was perfect for a nap. But naptime should never, ever interfere with lunchtime. When a certain hungry belly told a certain English Mastiff it was time to eat, a certain warm tongue introduced itself to my face. This is what I saw when I opened my eyes…
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Sitting in an easy chair in Ted and Gayle Haggard’s house, listening to Ted share some thoughts… When you listen to Ted talk about the Gospel, it’s impossible to misunderstand: this man loves his Savior. Thanks for letting us spend some time in your home today, Ted. On my flight to Colorado to attend the [
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Sitting near the Sundial, reading Oscar Wilde on my Kindle… I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon!
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I think this photo is cute! Bosco, the darker one in back, is Mister Moose’ dad.
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California Habanero Blends is a newly discovered favorite cooking aid! Online at: CaliforniaBlends.com
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He was so happy to see them!
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What a great night last night! Turtle Bay had a “Winter Wonderland” event, and brought some animal friends out to play: Cricket the Barn Owl, Nikita the Skreech Owl, and Spike the Porcupine!
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Original: Apps used (bottom two rows):
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It’s just a “Boss” thing…
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Caden (middle in first pic) is very proud… …daddy’s pretty proud, too!
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