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today I sat at the edge of my bed, and thats where the realism hit me. Though the day is dangerouse I've slayed bigger monsters

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Orange Kaleidoscopic falling from the sky Skeleton trees announce winter’s near Falling temperature, people hide in their houses Quiet tundra , open abyss of sky Gray light canvass upward eyes peer falling sky  threatens shifting wind against my coat crackle in the forest foot prints lea
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First of all before I review this album I need to give you some background on my relationship with D.N.A. We’ll start in 06?  Nate happened to be in town (Redding) and was a friend of a good friend. We were having a bunch of our friends play on our awesome porch. If you’ve ever seen DNA live […]
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There’s been alot of ideas and questions sloshing around in my head and I haven’t had a chance to just write them down, and if I don’t do it now they will just vanish into oblivion. I want to address some issues I have seen and heard on a daily basis for years. While the [...]
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When someone comes into the  kingdom of  God they inherit a family. They become a son or a daughter to a father who not only loves them but who breathed  his hopes and dreams into them. We are no longer orphans but are totally accepted , and have a rightful place at the family table.  Not only [...]
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Adam Young is a one man band who has a knack for making heavily poppy music, drenched with optimistic gobbledygook.  As cliche as it sounds, at first listen I thought this was Postal Service. I had heard a lot about this band and the curiosity was killing me. Listening to this album is kind of
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Screaming from the pit of Mordor ”Impending Doom” emerges from the shadows with entropic, and chaotic melodies shoving a wall of melodic anarchy down your throat with “Nailed.Dead.Risen” their first offering to the Metal gods. This bad boy kills the elderly right in their tracks with jaw dropping
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So I am about to write about something that has been on the back burner of my conscience for a while now, and Ive waited until now to share my madness here. Ive been puzzled lately about our culture, and with all the changes I find it tough to keep up with all of it […]
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Talking about why I like this album is a little like trying to expound on why Oreo cookies and cold milk are so perfect together.  Of course it’s good; you know they’re meant to be together.  Whether you’re a fan of classic seventies material strangely familiar of a short pudgy guy with spectacle g
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I’m so tired of hearing: ”Muslims caused 911 and barack is one of them blah blah blah” I’m not being political here, nor am I defending Obama in any political sense, I am however against narrow mindedness whom ever the target may be. Islam did not attack us, a fanatical sect of deranged indiv
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Jesus is all Truth, therefore anything that proceeds from his mouth must be held as complete, lacking nothing. Therefore any gaps in understanding that may seem as contradictions we must except as lack of understanding on our part. Not Gods. So both are true. There is the reality of a very real hell looming over [...]
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Namely, pick out the records from your collection that you consider to be absolutely essential. So here you go, faithful readers. I’m inflicting the list on you. And I’m going to attempt to write a bit about each album over the next few weeks to explain just what each one means to me. First the list. [...]
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Today’s music is much like the buzzing from a fridge, apparent and on the surface of conciseness, but given time it turns into something you just  learn to tolerate. I think music (art) should be on the forefront of our minds, pricking, and provoking emotions from under the surface, inviting  them out
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we are both trying but hurting each other we are both triggering each other we aren’t saying the right hings or I m not and the misunderstanding words are like atomic bombs I missed my target  and hit your heart which isn’t what i was aiming for just trying to be understood like when i stopped in my tracks beca
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In this day and age of auto tune and laptop loops rarely is pure raw energy captured in an untempered manner, and its not every day you come upon a soul who has both ferocity interwoven with a child like honesty. Destroy Nate Allen is a folk /punk  sing along duet from Portland Oregon, consisting […]
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So I’ve been hearing a lot of things about how the world is going to end in epic proportions in 2012, and what I really want to know is, do we really have reliable information? The theory is almost solely based on the ancient Mayans prophecies in which they believe the world will end December [...]
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I was caught between the moon and the door way Reason and realism pulled me to peaces like dogs lunar time presses the child out of me Indego abyss looms over head, The moon reins large, Tinny pinpricks on an indigo back drop Nothing foreign but rustling pine needles The colors in the air tonight, […]
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I know I was shocked just as much as anyone when Michael Jackson died. It’s that cliche situation where you knew exactly where you were and what you where doing when you heard the news about his passing. It’s an indent in history when your whole world stops for just a moment and you are [...]
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