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For years, I have had people telling me..."Oh, you could get a Much Better Rate on that Car Insurance if you just shop around a little!" and "You should get a couple of Quotes, that AAA is Just Too Expensive!!" Well, Let me tell you!  it was NOT Fun to Discover...But...UhUhhhh... I Am WORTH IT!!
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A couple of people I know got married some years ago.  It was an ill-fated marriage; they really had very little in common, outside the bedroom, if you know what I mean.  Their battles were long and
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"Grandma, Why do you put Honey in Everything?" "Because a Little Sweet always cuts the back off the Bitter!"
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I had the most Intense "Vision" that was really a "Trigger" to Deja Vu a Dream!  I had a "Slice" as if it was a PICTURE Imprinted On My Mind! From it I can Re-create the Knowledge of what I saw!  Wow! In the future, I saw hospital person operating a hand held device that was analyzing information from a pati
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"Why do you listen to that weird music all day?".... Hmmmm.... Well, I guess it is because it is enjoyable, quieting and contributes to the "Fugue" that lends to my Creative Abilities!  If I try to listen to music that has a lot of lyrics, catchy rhythms, messages or anything like that, it is like my Brain
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I have been trying to wrestle with life and adjusting to a few new twists and turns, so lately it has been all I can do to keep dreaming the DREAM of getting to the things I want to do! An Example would be that every single day I am "Thinking" about my Blog, but SELDOM, (If EVER) actually sit down and say a line! 
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I was out and about last night for the Second Saturday ArtHop, even if I did get out a little late!  I was Disappointed that I did not get to have a Spot on the Hop with my show at the Bohemian Art Loft, but alas, it is the"Traveling Bohemians" after all!  They had an out of town performance so they could not be o
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Okay, Okay, so it was a SMALL crowd...but it was big for ME!!  I think I had about 25-30 people come through!!  YAYAY!  :)  I was very excited to see so many people come! I had plenty of new pie
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Yes! Wapaw!  I got my Gallery Cards done yesterday!!  YAY!  I am just going crazy trying to get everything ready for my upcoming show!  I am very excited, but also struggling my Azz Off! :( I have definitely been taking my physical limitations to new measure!  My G-Kids think I shoul
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[www.redding.com] ME!  I am now beaming!! I am going to have my very own Solo Show right here in Lovely Redding, Ca. at the
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I was out in full force last night with a Carload! LOL! I got out late, had the Grand kids in tow and the rush was on! :) We started out at the North Valley Art League
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In late September of 2006 I injured myself while doing work on a truck!  To make the longest story brief, I am too short and too round to reach into the engine compartment, so, I went in and retrieved a chair from the dining room.  Almost every time I applied heavy torque to the wr
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Oh How I Love The FAIR!!  I will be there, out and about looking at all the wonderful wares!  I am soooo Happy to live so close, it feels Extra Special That Way, like I'm out visiting with my Neighbors!  :)
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I love it when Local Artists Break out and do something so Clever and Lively! This local young talent Artist Kong Souriyavong has been busy on several
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What a great way to finish of a wonderful day here in Redding, on a slightly rainy day, enjoying the fine offerings of being out and about in Redding !  I started out at the The Annual Redding Whole Earth And Watershed Celebration, but
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I can't help it!  Even though I still don't have any "official" place for things to dry I had to paint SOMETHING!!  HaHaHA!  I only put down a couple of colors...it won't take much for that layer to d
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Around in the Studio that is!  I have about 4 Canvases that are just itching for a start!  I lost my drying rack over the Winter, so now I am going to have to wing it until I can go get me another!  Plus, coming soon is the Pecha Kucha Night! &
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"Paradiso" Original Framed 9"x12" $275 Today I am trying to tie up some projects that have been dragging on Wa
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At least that was the Film that took #1 for the Night!  LOL!  It was a rousing hand of applause when things went "Splat" for the Lady(?) of the film!!  Josh McHale of L.A. took home the Big Prize!! :) Apparently we are still awaiting the People's Choice Award Tally, so keep in touch
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I wish there was a sticker!  I used to love those stickers people handed out for promos!  Annoying as hell, but boy sometimes they could Really Stick Around!  :) I would be getting my 3rd one this year! Hey, I voted, Did You? :)
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I know I have heard here and there that the Arthop (Will, Has) dropped off because Troy and Adam have been making moving plans, but I have to say I Don't Think So!  I think they have really laid the groundwork and that it will survive and keep going strong however it is handled! I was shoulder to shoulder
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I am so exhausted from being out and about last night that I am ELATED!  WooHoo!  I really had a great time, even though it was a "Bon Voyage" for my great Buds over there at Infinite Designs!  That part SUCKS!  But hey, go over there and check out the great deals (Hill
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In 2006 I was given a second chance at life!  After an accident left me nearly paralyzed, I was saved by the grace of God and a gifted Neurosurgeon!  With the help of my devoted Husband I have been able to turn to my Art as a means of living recovery! As a child I easily drew “Tippy Turtle” and other “
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Herky-Jerky  First off, I have to say how blown away I was at how many of my FaceBook Friends came!  Whoop-Whoop! &
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I know that the pieces have been hanging all week, but now I have to go stand NEXT to them and show my face!  I couldn't even go to the last show I had my (1) painting hung in because I felt out of place, so now the terror of having 12 of them, right there, all up in the public face and all, really has
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As the day is nearly upon me to show up for the installation of the largest collection ever assembled of my Artwork I am terrified beyond belief! I have to keep reminding myself that even if they hate it they will not burn me at the stake! ( I believe they made it illegal to assault entertainers!)
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I was contemplating a quip from my Hunny, in his usual way of telling me he loves me he says "When we get rich I am going to buy you all new kitchen stuff!  Things that actually MATCH!!"  He often curses my propensity to like things that are not considered "Uniform"!  I of course am always eager to
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I was feeling my oats when I stopped by to see a friend of mine, anxious to tell him about my recent glory moments!  He does not compute, so I know I will surprise him and am feeling pretty audacious too!  I have known this man for close to 30 years.  I will say that most of our experience together has been o
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WooHoo!  My head may inflate to the size if a blimp and My Hunny will have to Pop it to keep me from floating away!!  I am so excited, nervous and actually a little freaked out!!  It actually became official because I received my "Media and Artist Information" Packet! I believe I am positively giddy
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Oh I tried, I really did!  I started out strong at Infinite Designs, visiting with Jeanette, Ann and several others including Presented Artist Ursula Guderian!  Jeanette and Ann always have
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I did not know if I would be able to pull it off, but I do think I made a pretty good shot at it!  Of course the first thing that happens to me is the red flashing battery indicator light when I whip out my camera!  **What can I say?** First stop, just off of Caterpillar Rd, up at the top
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I have a new roof, most of my stuff unpacked and will get my table put in tonight!  I want to get some things done before the weather turns bad!  I do not know exactly what I am going to do for my frames yet but I have confidence that I will find a way! :)  I actually went out yesterday and mixed some prep an
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I have been a big fan of Raette for a long time!  I met her some time ago in my "Art Life" (as my Hunny calls it...), so, I know I am just a little slanted here.  But I did purchase a copy of a wonderfully published book of her "Fairies At Play" paintings!  This series is some of my favorite works
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Well it certainly turned out to be magnificent weather for the First Annual 2010 WHEE Hempfest held in Red Bluff this weekend! I understand that this particular event seemed to have caused an uproar by some standards, but then, so do most other events for some reason or another! There
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I was out in full gallop on Saturday night!  Wow, what a fantastic round I had too!  I only made it to a few spots, but I must say the show topper for me was the great goings on over at
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Even though I have had Holiday's with more money, I have had some with less.  I don't think it mattered one bit to the world around me, nothing collapsed and nobody perished from disappointment!I am left with the great feeling of starting a fresh new year and enjoying what I have! I am ready with great new
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I finally managed to do two things, make it out and about without having a massive Herky-Jerky and being able to talk to my computer again!  >WooHoo, I win!  Okay, so I still had the Herky-Jerky, but it was at the end and I was already outside by the time it came full on and I still can't download
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I have been trying to pull out some stuff and dust em off to get myself warmed up and ceative.  I know my friends have heard this story, it was even handed out as a "Christmas Story", I used to write a new story every year and give it my friends with some little trinket in leu of a "real" gift!  HAHAHA!  My S
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So I have not posted in awhile.  I am afriad that it has been hard for me to feel creative with so much strife in my life!  I am just hanging by a knot in my floss!  But... I was inspired today by what I first read as a story in a favorite local yokal rags called The Hot Air Quarterly!  Just when
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Now let me tell you, this is really cool!  A little morbid, but still cool... My VBF JM has a son that plays with molten metals.  This is what happens to an ANT Mound when molten metal is poured down the hole! Wow, who kne
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A Redding Life: My Rose
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Cerebral Cortex! What? Yeah you know what you were thinking....So my ongoing love afair with this new book I am reading has inspired me to keep plugging away at my dream of launching myself into Vlogging with a meaning at my new website coming soon...www.icedview.com.. I am pushing myself out with my camcorder to give
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We made it out to the "Opening" of the new Cottonwood Farmers Market! We had a good time and was again happy to see some of our favorites out entertaining and encouraging community involvement!  Hoorah and huge kudos go out to
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Once again I got my wires crossed and SNAFU'd my way into a MisTake!  I walked up just in time to see my FAVS "Still Married" packing there gear in the car!  Oh Man!  WHAT? Yup...seems I was flying by the seat of my pants and dam....BUT anyway was not too terrible, I
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I was so bent on getting to as many places as I could, I jump started at about 5 p.m. and stopped in at the Infinate Designs!  I was right on time!  Greeted by the lovely Jeanette and Ann, I recieved a wonderful custom etched, keepsake Art Hop Commemorative Wine Glass and wit
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I'm exhasted!  Whew what a day!  I dragged my honey out to the First Sundial Film festival, I'm sure it will be back, what a turnout!  I went back to the theater this evening as it was in line of the ArtHop a
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Valentine's Day revelers abound out and about for the ArtHop in Redding Saturday night! Troy and Adam have out done themselves, and I bet just about exhausted themselves in the meantime! Whew,what a fun and entertaining venue the monthly HOP has brought out here for loca
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