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Hitler's Titties

Comic drawing, humorous writing, poetry and smoothies

URI: http://hitlerstitties.blogspot.com/

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There are hard feelingsat The Blue Moon tonightThere are raw dealingsat The Blue Moon tonightSlobber and stringy bloodat The Blue Moon tonightSlippery red bootheel mud
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I want to take you higher...
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I want to take you higher...
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... concerns were so different.
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A more wholesomely named blog resides HERE
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Here's one that never made it to A News Cafe... apparently the editors over there have scruples. Well, la dee whoopin' da...Remember, you can click on it and it blows up. Well, no explosions ar
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Here we are, immersed in Der Hollydaze and happy as pimentos in a spittoon.Which reminds me of a recent event. I went to Olive Garden the other night and accidentally kicked over one of the brass pimento
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Something to help guide you: Be careful when making sandwiches with your first cousin.
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Accordion to the legend, "Screech Mutilated Metal Music" got its start in Berlin. Lemmy heard an old acetate... the rest, as they say, is pure speculation.
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The silent killers. Responsible for more vomiting than Captain Morgan on the Tea Cup ride. Their victims are littered across the country like little brown stains on the bathroom floor. How? How can they be
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Facebook is a wondrous tool... and so am I.
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Just had to get this one off my chest... I may do it up nice and try to sell it to Funny Times (How about it, PP?) Then again... maybe Hitler's Titties is where it belongs.
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A small but historic room on North Vermont, near Hollywood Blvd. I filed a story about the Firesign Theatre from there... you could still smell Waits' vomit... he must've been drinking cheap port... I think the towels we
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Good question. Let us count the reasons why...Huffington Post was taken.Titties are nice, Hitler was bad... the dichotomy of life. You can't have good without evil and there would be no titties without Hitler. Such are the Laws of the Universe.When
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I've been inundating the poor Firesign The
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Firesign Theatre: Everything You Know is Wrong from DANGEROUS MINDS on Vimeo.
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