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What is Special Training? It's a famous SUPER intensive training camp of SKA. Brad (Nidan), Spencer (Ikkyu), Lynette (Sankyu - First-timer!) and myself (Yodan) all completed our STs successfully. Brad and I make it every year. This winter we had Spencer and Lynette with us. So glad!
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Off to Special Training!
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The practice last Sat was interesting. I had all six students (most of them were white belts) create their own kata. I told them to use the floor plan for Taikyoku Shodan, and to make it simple and » read the entire item »
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My thoughts for this evening:  "Grateful" I am grateful.  Grateful, for those who push me to be my best, challenge me to be my strongest.  Grateful, for those who expose my weaknesses and test my strengths.  Thank you for a great practice! » read&nbs
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2010 is Year of the Tiger! This year is "special" for us Shotokan karateka. Yesterday (January 2) we had the very first practice for the new year. We just did katas. Many katas. I tried to see and feel imaginary opponents. We did the same kata again and again until we felt really good. It was fun! T
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Sometime in November 3 years ago, I ascended the stairs to the Yoga room for my first karate practice in well over 20 years.  Oh, how those stairs seemed endless.  The weight of fear and nervousness pulled against my every step.   » read the entire
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Yana is back; her family just moved back to Redding. It's great to have her strong spirit in class! Welcome back! » read the entire item »
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Finally, Sankyu!  It's taken my over three years of training...and I wasn't sure I could make it honestly, but I did :.) and it feels so good!  I am so very grateful for my teachers Hiroko, and Brad, especially this last year which has been a tough one for me as I lost my Dad in September and had to miss several months
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Redding Shotokan had Fall Kyu Test on Nov. 14th. We are happy to announce that all members demonstrated great progress.Peter G. -- Rokkyu (6th kyu)Heather K. -- Gokyu (5th kyu)Nikki K. -- Gokyu (5th kyu) Abbie R. -- Gokyu (5th kyu) Wil
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Back in the distant past my karate sensei, Jim Dunlop, warned his students about "plateaus" in our training and development. These are the times when you just can't seem to make any progress; much of the time you feel like you're devolving, not evolving. Jim's advice was to just keep practicing, keep pressing. The
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