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Here is an artist rendering of the stadium seats that will grace Tiger Field in Redding this baseball season. The drawing comes courtesy of Nichols Melburg & Rossetto in Redding. First pitch in the "new" ballpark is May 30 when the Redding Colt 45s take on the Santa Rosebuds. Season closes in August aga
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As we wait for news on Redding's efforts to land nonstop air service to Los Angeles, one of the communities competing with Redding for the flights moved a step closer. The city of Modesto announced last month that it has raised $1 million in pledges that an airline requested to start flights to L.A. The cit
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You drive by it on the way to Whiskeytown Lake: the Pioneer Baby's Grave on the north side of Highway 299 a half-mile west Shasta. What's the story behind the historic site? KIXE-TV Channel 9 will air a documentary at 7:30 tonight commemorating the 150th anniversary of the grave. The locally prod
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Watching this "CBS Sunday Morning" piece it's hard not to think about the Oasis Towne Center or the voted-rejected massive regional mall in Churn Creek Bottom. Are we chasing an antiquated concept? The future, tho
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From the Facebook page of the wood-fired pizza business: We have come to a final agreement with the City of Redding regarding the installation of the wood fired oven! Once we have a timeline from the contractor, we will finally have an
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It wasn't too long ago that one of every two home sales in Shasta County was a foreclosure or short sale. Times have changed dramatically. California's distressed housing market is a shadow of what it was at the height of the Great Recession, the California Association of Realtors (CAR) reported
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I "Buzzed" Sunday about the long odds Redding, or any city in California, had at landing Tesla's battery-manufacturing plant. The Los Angeles Times breaks down
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California's resurgent housing market dominates the latest Federal Housing Finance Agency index: Eight of the 10 highest appreciating metropolitan statistical areas in the fourth quarter of 2013 were in California, including several former foreclosure hotbeds. Values in greater Redding rose 11.35
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I opened the paper Monday to the headline, "Signs of relief appear on the way." The story noted as much as 3 inches of rain was possible in the North State. A garden variety of storm in any other winter. But this year, that's a monsoon. Alas, by yesterday afternoon, the forecast had been dramatically downsi
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Skip Murphy of The Address Realty in Redding told me a couple of weeks ago that his phone wasn't ringing this January like a year ago. And the numbers are backing that up. Pending home sales in Sha
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Like everybody in the ski business on the West Coast, it's been a painful winter for Kim Clark, general manager at Mt. Ashland Ski Area. As the title of Clark's latest email dispatch says, "50 Years Old & Still Waiting." Clark writes about the "ridiculously resilient ridge" that is bringing u
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When Need 2 Speed closed in downtown Redding in fall 2012, owner Boris Podtetenieff talked of moving the business to a more populated area. I believe Portland was one of his dream destinations. Well after nearly landing in Salt Lake City, Podtetenieff has found a new home in Reno. The Sparks Trib
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Sterling Financial Corp., the Spokane, Wash., bank that came close to buying North Valley Bank last decade, itself was purchased last year. The Spokesman-Review in Spokane
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As North State San Francisco 49ers fans breathe a sigh of relief with the agreement between DISH Network and Bonten Media Group, weather fans who subscribe to DirecTV could also soon be blacked out. Over
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Do two California Congresswoman have the solution to prevent blackouts when a provider and TV station reach an impasse during contract negotiations? KRCR Channel 7, the North State's ABC affiliate, and Fox 20 have been nonexistent to DISH Network subscribers for nearly a month, leaving people like Karen Woo
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As I reported Monday evening, home values in Shasta County in October surpassed the $200,000 mark for the first time in four years. Today, the latest Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) quarterly House Pri
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For the first time in its history, the Mt. Shasta Mall in Redding will open on Thanksgiving. With the exception of a few stores, the mall will open at 8 p.m., and all three major department stores (Sears, Macy's and J.C. Penney) are opening at the same time, also at 8 p.m. "This is all new territ
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If you're among those who complain that rural California's voice is never heard, then mark down the first week of December on your calendar. Two public forums will be held in Redding and the hosts will be listening. On Dec. 4, a Wednesday, North State Assemblyman Brian Dahle will hold an informat
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Nothing historically significant about the building, but I see the former Cowboys Mattress store on North Market Street has been demolished. This comes several months after the mattress store closed in
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Shasta County lags behind the rest of the country when it comes to families who still owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. A study released today by RealtyTrac shows
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It's a great time to buy. That's been the theme in the real estate market for several months as values that plunged when the bubble blew up have driven up affordability, igniting sales and fueling a housing recovery. But two reports released this week show affordability is slipping. Th
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That's the building across the street from City Hall the city once considered as a new home for Redding Electric Utility. But the Council voted 3-2 against buying the 40,500-square-foot three-story building for $2.6 million in late 2009, saying the city cannot afford a building it doesn't desperately need.
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Much has been in the news lately about the rise of interest rates and the effect it will have on the housing recovery. Local Realtors Josh Barker and Brad Garbutt told me a few weeks ago that the market has cooled a bit and attributed the spike in the rates as part of the reason. More homes for sale and ris
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Scheduled to close escrow later this week, according to owner Bert Meyer, the Holiday Inn in Redding now is headed for the auction block. A notice to sell the 125-room hotel on Hilltop Drive appeared in today's Record Searchlight legal notice section. The auction is slated for 11 a.m. on July 2 on the Shast
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And its short tenure here? Allegiant Air touched down in Redding in August 2004, promising nonstop flights to Las Vegas. The city rolled out the red carpet for the carrier. I remember covering the departure of that first flight and the send-off party, complete with music, a Chinese food buffet an
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Few communities in the country were hammered harder when the real estate bubble burst than Stockton. Some called the city the foreclosure capital of the U.S. Back in the day, say five years ago, Realtors would host bus tours of foreclosed homes, shuttling prospective buyers around to different Stockton ne
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I finally heard back from the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen folks regarding a timeline to open in the former KFC locations. Atlanta-based AFC Enterprises purchased 14 former KFC restaurants in Northern California l
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You have questions about the new health care law? Moss-Adams, a southern Oregon-based accounting firm, has some answers. The company did a webinar in February on the Affordable Care Act, which takes full effect Jan. 1. No surprise that Moss-Adams received hundreds of questions during the event. S
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A movement is afoot to bring back the Sacramento River Trail patrols, an all-volunteer group that started nearly 20 years ago in the wake of the Christine Munro murder. A second meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. today in the Redding City Council Chambers to talk about reviving the program. About 20 people attend
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Should Redding land a West Coast League baseball franchise, what would be the name of the team? Colt .45s manager Rick Bosetti told me yesterday Redding's WCL entry could retain the Colt .45s name, but he thi
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While Shasta County's craft brewing market is just getting off the ground, the Western North Carolina community of Asheville has been named Beer City USA for four straight years. Latest additions to this hops hav
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Our sister paper, The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tenn., reports that major tax incentives are keeping a major employer in the Volunteer State. Reporter Thomas Bailey Jr. writes that International Pap
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Record Searchlight reader Stan Little of Old Station emailed about big changes on the Golden Gate Bridge. Sure enough, the toll taker and cash will be done away with on America's most famous gateway by the end of March. From the Marin Independent Journal: ". . . Thousands of people who use cas
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Redding Airports Manager Rod Dinger and Shasta County EDC President Mark Lascelles, armed with results of a recent business survey, traveled to Utah last week to meet with SkyWest Airlines. The same pair in Sep
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The Redding Merchants Crime Watch "Handouts Don't Help" website is up and running. The site gives information about the campaign and resources to help the needy and homeless. The anti-panhandling campaign
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My story today on annual home sales reported on the plight of Brandon McDonald, a Redding resident who's looking to buy his first home. Like a lot who are in the market today, Brandon and his wife have found th
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Foreclosures are down and the number of homes on the market in Shasta County is way down. The result is an uber-competitive housing market, especially for homes under $200,000, where multiple bids are not uncomm
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I've always loved cats. We have a black cat, the third we've owned, that gets along swimmingly with our dog, a mix of every hyper breed in the book. It's our first dog. Midnight the cat is constantly fast-tracked through our house as Bandit chases her from room to room. From time to time she will take a g
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Redding's rebound year in building was capped in December with the city's Clear Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant on Metz Road. A permit was pulled on Dec. 11 for a 9,000-square-foot laboratory and operations facility. The p
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The coffee giant is sending politicians a message. More here from Reuters.
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Few communities were harder hit by the housing crash than Phoenix. Phoenix was one of those areas - and there were many - that overbuilt and paid dearly for it on the way down. But for the second straight quarter, the Valley of the Sun topped the nation in year-over-year appreciation, the Federal Housing
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Much has been said about Obamacare and the effect it will have on the restaurant industry. Bruce Dean of the Black Bear Diner told me two weeks ago that he worries about the new health care rules and how they will impact his employees and his bottom line.
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Nothing to report on Redding's quest for United Airlines service to Denver. Airports Manager Rod Dinger emailed this week that he asked United to give him an update. Dinger and others, including EDC President M
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For months now, north state real estate agents have talked about the very low number of houses on the market and how it's created bidding wars, especially at the lower end. On Thursday, the California Association of Realtors released results of a survey that shows this playing out across the state. More h
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The suspense is building. We're roughly 22 hours out from the release of Friday's jobs report. What effect - if any - will the October numbers have on Tuesday's election? Driving to work this morning an economist on the radio opined that the U.S. unemployment rate will stay at 7.8 percent.
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An email from Kohl's that landed in my inbox this morning got me thinking about Black Friday. Kohl's will be one of several department stores that will open on midnight after Thanksgiving, a trend that really took off last year.
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Question comes up in wake of Sacramento Bee story that says the regional chain's CEO is imploring workers to consider wage concessions to help the company survive. From Tuesday's Bee: "Raley's Chief Executive M
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Redding tattoo artist Jamie Davies lost his cool, but it didn't cost him in Tuesday night's episode of Spike TV's "Ink Master." Watching with friends and family at Shameless O'Leery's downtown, Davies told me today he was a bit embarrassed that producers didn't edit out quite enough of his tirade. Davies
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Maybe the folks in Abilene, Texas, are getting there. Barbecue is big business in the Lone Star State, but our sister paper reports this morning that Famous Dave's is closing in Abilene effective Oct. 31. The owne
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Redding is still waiting to hear from United Airlines. A local entourage led by Airports Manager Rod Dinger went to Chicago on Sept. 7 to pitch daily service to Denver. Dinger said a few days after the meeting that he could hear from United within a month. "They're still looking at it and that's a
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